• Power supply:220 V 50 Hz single-phase
  • Thermal Protection:Intergrated in the control unitpm
  • Operation speed:12m / m
  • Motor cooling:1400 rpm
  • Pinion pitch:(19 teeth), 24 teeth pinion optional
  • Limit switches:Mechanical, Magnetic optional
  • Manual release:Mechanical release with knob
  • Environmental conditions:from 35°C to 65°C
  • Degree of protection:IP44
  • Operator weight:32Ibs(~15kg)


  • Electromechanical microswitches that control the end of stroke.
  • Incorporated four-channel rolling code radio receiver.
  • Self contained control panel unit
  • Automated setup of gate endpoints (limit)
  • Soft start and stop control
  • Key Release of Pinion
  • Auto Close Adjustable
  • Dual on board High Security Rolling Code Receiver

Incorporated control unit positioned upperly for easier accessibility

Thanks to the obstruction sensing device, the operator reverses motion and prevents damage to people and vehicles in the event of contact

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